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Pheromone Lures - Clearwings

We make a fresh order once a year to make sure our customers get the best possible product. Once they're gone they're gone.

Six-belted Clearwing
by Darren Taylor

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NOTE: Lures come as vials or red bungs as per thumbnail image along with guide on storage, handling and use. Intended for use on warm sunny days in any likely habitat. Simply wait and watch.


A Brief Guidance Note on the use of Pheromone Lures for Recording Moths.pdf

 Code  Product  Price  
PH01The Classic Six Clearwing Pheromone Lures - See above for details £46.00N/A
PH02The full set - (consisting classic six + lures for Red-tipped, Large Red-belted, Welsh & Hornet) £60.00N/A
PH03API lure Bembecia ichneumoniformis (Six-belted Clearwing)£8.50N/A
PH04HYL lure Pryopteron muscaeformis & Pennisetia hylaeiformis (Thrift & Raspberry Clearwing) - See below for map of Raspberry Clearwing £8.50N/A
TAB lure Paranthrene tabaniformis (Dusky Clearwing)
PH06MYO lure Synanthedon myopaeformis (Red-belted Clearwing) £8.50N/A
PH07TIP lure Synanthedon tipuliformis & S. spheciformis (Currant & White-barred Clearwing) - See below for map of White-barred Clearwing £8.50N/A
PH08VES lure Synanthedon vespiformis & S. andrenaeformis (Yellow-legged & Orange-tailed Clearwing) - see below for map of Orange-tailed Clearwing. This lure is a vial not a red bung.£8.50N/A
PH09HOR lure Sesia apiformis (Hornet Clearwing) £8.50N/A
PH10CUL lure Synanthedon culiciformis (Large Red-belted Clearwing) Note: Red-belted Clearwing can be attracted to this lure. See the pdf at the top of this page. £8.50N/A
PH11FOR lure Synanthedon formicaeformis(Red-tipped Clearwing) £8.50N/A
SCO lure Synanthedon scoliaeformis (Welsh Clearwing)
PH18SAL lure Synanthedon flaviventris (Sallow Clearwing) See additional information below. This lure is a vial not a red bung.£8.50N/A
PH36AND lure Synanthedon andrenaeformis (Orange-tailed Clearwing) - New trial lure for 2020. This lure is a vial not a red bung.£8.50N/A
LUN lure Sesia bembeciformis (Lunar Hornet Clearwing) - New lure for 2020. Very good initial results with many sightings so far. This lure is a vial not a red bung.
Pheromone Trap - Click here for more information (.pdf)
Pheromone Trap, for best results with Clearwings as well as other species, colours and style may vary. Not intended for Emperor Moth.
PH13COS lure Cossus cossus Goat Moth lure See notes above £7.50N/A
SKI lure Grapholita lobarzewskii
PH17PIN lure Dendrolimus pini (Pine Tree Lappet)£8.50N/A
PH19OAK lure Synanthedon conopiformis (Oak Clearwing) None British £8.50N/A
PH20POM lure (Cydia pomonella - Codling Moth) This lure can attract other species including Cydia interscindana£8.50N/A
PH21FUN lure (Grapholita funebrana - Plum Fruit Moth) See additional information below£8.50N/A
PH22OHR lure (Cameraria ohridella - Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner) £8.50N/A
EMP lure Saturnia pavonia (Emperor Moth)
STR lure (Cydia strobilella)
PH31CAP lure (Lampronia capitella) £8.50N/A
PH32ABS lure (Tuta absoluta)£8.50N/A
PH33FAG Lure (Cydia Fagiglandana)£8.50N/A
PH34BOX lure (Cydalima perspectalis - Box-tree Moth)£8.50N/A

Additional Information: Grapholita funebrana - Sallow Clearwing


Orange-tailed Clearwing
Raspberry Clearwing
White-barred Clearwing

Distribution Maps (click to enlarge)
Maps reproduced by kind permission of Butterfly Conservation from Randle Z., Evans-Hill, L.J., Parsons, M.S., Tyner, A., Bourn, N.A.D., Davis, A.M., Dennis, E.B., O’Donnell, M., Prescott, T., Tordoff, G.M. & Fox, R. 2019. Atlas of Britain & Ireland’s Larger Moths. Pisces Publications, Newbury. 2020

Seperation of Red-belted and Large Red-belted Clearwing - J. Clifton

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